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Premier Exteriors your home town roofers in Omaha uses only the top names in roofing products. Names that you will recognize like Decra,and GAF. New roofing technologies and the techniques needed to use them well are what sets Premier Omaha apart from the rest. Roofing materials are only as good as the people who install them. Our expert roofers are trained in every technology that they use until they know it inside and out.

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Welcome to Premier Exteriors!

Premier has been serving Omaha, Bellevue, Lincoln, Grand Island and Council Bluffs Iowa for more than 10 years. We are among the best rated and most trusted roofing companies in Nebraska and with good reason.

Our company is a part of Nebraska. We’re your neighbors. We’ve lived and worked in Nebraska for years. We’ve been here before that Nebraska hail storm came though, we will be here long after it’s gone and the traveling roofers are gone too. We are your home town roofer. Omaha, Bellevue, and Council Bluffs, Iowa are all prone to some serious weather. We’re here to help.

Premier Exteriors is a home town company with a commitment to Nebraska and to Nebraskans. We believe that the commitment to excellence that used to be a part of every business is alive and well today in Nebraska roofing companies.

Trust Your Roof Replacement to Premier Exteriors Roofing Experts.

If you believe that your home has sustained any damage from wind or from hail, every home owner should undertake a six step process. If you’re not sure how to begin, Premier can offer you a little help with your roofing process.

There are six steps that you can take to get your roof back in tip top shape

  • Request a free roofing inspection from Premier Exteriors
  • File an insurance claim and get a claim Approval
  • Select a new roof for Your Home
  • Have your new roofing Installed
  • Clean up the area surrounding your home.
  • Receive your departure inspection and roofing warranty.

Nebraska Hail Damage

nsslhailstoneWhen spring arrives in Nebraska we’re happy to see the cold weather leave.

We’re also aware of what’s in store for us.

The arrival of warmer temperatures means that severe storms are also on the way, bringing with them the hail or tornado damage that is part of living in the Midwest.

Hail damage is the most common form of weather damage to roofing in more than 30 states in the United States.

Hail damage is so widespread in the United States alone that it costs nearly a billion dollars a year to fix. If you believe your home’s roof or siding may have been damaged by recent hail storms, we can offer you free roofing inspection and quote.

Free Quote

Omaha Roofing Repair or Replacement – Step by Step

  • The Inspection-Before you do anything at all on your roof, having it inspected for a hail damage or sun damage by a qualified roofing inspector is the first move that you need to take.

    Inspecting your own roof can be a little dangerous. It’s difficult at best to spot hail damage if you’re not on the roof. That means it’s better to call in a professional. In Omaha, roof inspections can be arranged by calling Premier Exteriors at 402-679-6000. We’ll inspect your roof, report on any damage and supply photos for you to use to file your insurance application.

  • Submit an Insurance Claim – If the damage to your roof is severe enough and was sustained during a wind, hail, or lightning storm, you will need to claim that on your insurance. Premier Interiors can help. We’ve been working with area homeowners for ten years, helping them to file claims and proving storm damage. Omaha homeowners are certainly no strangers to storm damage.

    We understand the process by which the insurance company verifies the damage. Premier can help you to file your insurance claim. As soon as that claim is approved then the real work starts.

  • Choosing Your Roof – Premier Exteriors is certified as a GAF Master Elite roofer. That’s the highest level of certification that you can achieve.That means that you’ll reap the benefits of our elite status. You’ll be able to select from a broad array of roofing colors, styles, and materials. Your Omaha roofer can help you to choose the materials which will be best suited for your particular roof.

    Roofing has come a very long way. There is such a broad range of material available that sometimes it can get a little confusing. Because Premier of Omaha is a member of the community here, we’re uniquely qualified to help you to select the type of roofing that will hold up best in the Midwest climate.

  • The Installation – Installing a roof is a job for the experts. Removal of the old roofing and careful disposal is the first part of the job. The next step is to carefully prep the roof to prevent moisture from reaching the actual roof of your home.

    This is done by the use of an underlay that will help to keep your home dry and your roof intact. The new roofing is then installed and along the way, will quite likely help to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, saving you money and worry. If you’re ready to consider a new roof call Premier Exteriors today at 402-679-6000

  • The Cleanup - Once your roof is entirely installed and has been fully inspected by the installation team, we will carefully go around your home and ensure that your home is clean and your yard tidy.greenbizseal1

    We’ll seek out any debris that may be left behind and remove it, ensuring that your landscaping, your yard and your house are just as we found them when we got there. In many cases, the roofing team forgets that there is a vast amount of cleaning up to do when the job is over. Premier Exteriors not only cleans the area, but we will properly dispose of those things that require it and recycle what we can.

  • The Final Inspection – Last but certainly not least, the team will inspect your roof one last time.

    We will review every aspect of the roofing to make sure that the installation is right and the specifications for the warranty on your roof are in place. The coverage will be given to you and we hope that our commitment to ensuring your satisfaction will encourage you to recommend our services to your family and friends.


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Why It’s Important

Master Elite is a designation that is given only to the top three percent of roofers.We are able to offer warranties that only Master Elite roofers can offer. When you see the Master Elite designation for Premier Exteriors, you know that you’ve got a quality, dependable professional Omaha roofer.

Why We Care

The Green Roofer certification means that Premier takes the environment seriously. We’re committed to a cleaner, greener Nebraska and to being a green business. We take pride in operating in an environmentally responsible way. Premier Exteriors works hard to promote sustainable business practices like shingle recycling and continuing education in the roofing industry.

What You Get

Our GAF Master Elite Certification gives you some decided benefits when you hire Premier Exteriors as your Omaha roofing contractor.Special warranties available only to customers of Master Elite contractors are just one of the benefits.