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Premier Exteriors has undertaken a wide range of roofing and construction projects in the Omaha area. To view our work and see some before and after photos of Omaha roofing and construction projects, please click the images below.


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Commercial metal wall panels 24 GA. 8052 H street, Omaha, NE





  • Stage One - Discovery and Development

    Discovery & Development

    Stage One

    This exhaustive and intensive period stage can last 10 years or more and includes many rounds of testing. EFC is well-versed in navigating through the barriers and risks involved at this stage and can assist with partner sourcing and contract negotiations.

  • Stage Two - Growth


    Stage Two

    The second stage of a product’s lifecycle is rife with competition among drug manufacturers. EFC can assist in this stage by consolidating manufacturing facilities to cut costs, ensuring CMOs follow the appropriate compliance and regulatory demands.

  • Stage Three - Maturity


    Stage Three

    Once a drug has been FDA approved and marketed, companies work to protect their existing brands from challenges and generic competitors and begin exploring crossover strategies and next generation evolutions of the drug itself. EFC can assist with this stage in a product’s lifecycle by locating CMOs for generic branded efforts, assist with strategizing and locate potential partners for future evolutions of a drug.

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