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Gutter Systems - What Type Does Your Home Need?

As with other home components, gutter systems have come a long way in recent decades.  Manufacturers took note of some of the more common complaints about gutter systems and wisely decided to make improvements in their products.  Now homeowners have a wider range of gutter systems to choose from in order to meet the specific needs of their home.

The traditional gutter system consisted of an open system where rain and melting snow and ice that collected on the roof was captured and drawn away from the home's foundation.  Unfortunately, leaves, twigs, branches and other debris were also caught in the gutter system which eventually caused clogging, water backups and roof damage in some homes. 

Gutter Options for Older Homes

If you have a traditional gutter system, there are options available that will allow you to drain water away from your home and allow you to clean out your gutters much less often.  Adding leaf guards to your current gutter system is a great way to keep your current gutter system and add protection from clogging substances such as leaves, twigs, etc.  They are easy to install and function discretely without marring the look of your home.  Even better, they greatly reduce the need for gutter cleaning which can save a busy homeowner a lot of time and hassle.

New Home Construction

Those with newly constructed homes might want to install a traditional gutter system with leaf guards or they might want to consider a completely enclosed gutter system.  Whether a homeowner decides to install a traditional system, or go with a completely enclosed system, will most likely depend upon the surrounding landscape.  If your home has few or no surrounding trees at all, a traditional system might be more cost-effective.  If the surrounding landscape will produce a lot of debris that could pose clogging issues, an enclosed gutter system might be the best solution.

For more information on what gutter system is right for your home, please contact us.

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