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How To Take Care Of Your Deck


Everything needs maintenance. From the top of your house on the roof, all the way down to the bottom of the basement. Or out to the exteriors at the windows. This is something which is important to keep track of and do at the scheduled interval. This will allow things to last significantly longer and appear and function like new for a much longer time than they would without the care and attention they need. This is no different even at the deck, and so it is important to maintain your deck properly because even if it happens to be pressure treated wood, it does not change the fact that although insect resistant, it is not water or sun resistant. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to stick to a maintenance regimen, which involves a few different steps which should be carried out periodically. It is important to note, that if you have one of our PVC Decks this does not apply to you. This is for those with pressure treated woods as their chosen deck material.

Monthly Mainentance Tips

Sweep your deck off - it is important to do this, to sweep off any debris on a frequent basis, once a week is probably a good idea. Clean away any leaves, dirt or mud, branches, puddled water or snow if it's the winter. Anything which is on your deck that is not supposed to be there. This will prematurely age your deck and may make it harder to clean when it comes to doing an annual deck power washing and resealing.

Check for Damage - Splintered wood, nails which stick up. These are some of the things to take note of whenever checking your deck. If you see something wrong, fix it! It is much better to fix the problem so someone does not get hurt.

Clean up Grease - If you have a grill stationed on your deck like most do, it is essential to note that you should keep a grease catch to catch any grease which may fall onto your deck. If you've ever had a grease stain on your clothing and attempted to get it out, you can get a good idea on just how difficult removing a grease stain off your deck must be.

Yearly Maintenance Tips

Pressure Wash - It is a very good idea to pressure wash your deck at least once per year because this will get off any excess debris that things like a broom cannot do. When doing this, it is a good idea to get a deck cleaning product and use it. This will help eat away anything which is stuck on your deck.

Staining your Deck - This is dependent on your environment regarding how often it has to happen. Some will need to do it once a year. Some will have to do it every three years, or anything in between. This process involves power washing your deck in the manner discussed above, letting it dry, then sanding the entire deck down then applying the new stain to the deck. This will seal it so it can maintain its insect and rot resistance.

Now, you know what is necessary to keep your deck in tip-top shape for years to come. This has the possibility to save you huge amounts of money, and the hassle of needing to get your deck replaced at all.

If you have any concerns regarding your deck or need a deck repair or replacement, do not hesitate to contact us online or give us a call at 402-679-6000. We at Premiere Exteriors appreciate your interest and look forward to a positive experience working with you.

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