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Indicators that your siding needs to be maintained


Indicators That Your Siding Needs To Be Maintained

Siding maintenance is essential in seeing that your siding looks and functions as it should for a long period of time. For example, if you do not maintain Wood siding, you will run into things like wood rot later on once the siding begins to develop some age. We will discuss different types of siding maintenance and what you should do in order to keep it as it should.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding is the most commonly used type of siding in the Omaha area so we will talk about that first. Vinyl siding is a durable material which can work effectively in various situation. It is durable and requires little to no work for it to stay working as it should. At the very least, if a piece of siding comes loose you should not hesitate to get this fixed very soon. If you do not attach it back to the siding as it should be, it may become bent which will prevent it from being fixed at all and that portion of siding will then need to be completely replaced. If left unchecked it may fall off, leaving the exterior walls of your home unprotected to damage and wear. The one thing on the checklist for maintaining siding is seeing to it that you power wash vinyl siding during the summer. Insects of multiple different types tend to find shelter in your siding and pressure washing will wash out most of the insects. For the rest of the insects, simply run a broom in the gaps in the siding which will remove anything the pressure washer has managed to miss. After cleaning, your house will have a dramatic difference, because vinyl siding gets dirty gradually.

Wood Siding

Wood Siding is the other main type of siding used in the Omaha area and doesn't need to be washed as often as vinyl siding. Wood siding, however, does need to be treated every few years, just like your wood deck does. If for some reason there is damage done to your wood siding, which very well could happen over time, it is important that you know what to do should this event happen to you. We can perform wood siding repair, so if you detect any cracks in your wood siding, do not hesitate to contact us to get this sorted out immediately before other problems are allowed to take root such as moisture in your exterior walls which will cause wood rot.

Steel Siding

Steel Siding is an excellent siding material because it is the most durable and longest lasting style of siding money can buy. It is, however, not devoid of maintenance in any way. One of the things which you may have issues with on steel siding is rust. So, if you find any rust on your steel siding, you should contact us for help and we can solve the problem. We will typically sand away any and all rust we find which will prevent the rust from spreading further, and then we will add a sealant to the affected areas.

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We hope you are now educated in the different types of siding and the maintenance that they require in order to function properly. Our experts are a team with years of experience and are trained to keep up on your siding properly.

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