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Omaha Window Replacement Options – Bow Windows

Window Replacement Omaha

If you live in an older home and have been thinking about having some remodeling done, your windows are probably one of the things you’ve considered replacing. Bay windows are a popular option, but when it comes to windows Omaha homeowners have some other choices available as well: for instance, bow windows.

What Are Bow Windows?

Basically, bow windows are an alternate style of bay windows which are characterized by an arc shape rather than a series of acute angles. They can provide an even greater visual range compared to bay windows – and definitely greater than a standard set of windows. At the same time, bow windows also make the room where they are installed appear larger. Depending on how they’re installed, the room may actually be a little larger after installation, since they typically project outwards.

Bow windows aren’t actually a new thing, but they’ve come back into vogue lately and this style is now offered by the better Omaha window replacement companies. We all love natural light and open space and by allowing in more light, they can give your home a brighter, more open and airy feel which you just can’t get with traditional flat windows.

Are Bow Windows The Right Choice For Your Home?

Whether or not bow windows are a good fit for you depends largely on the style of your home and whether you’re willing to have some renovation done to prepare for the installation. These windows are quite common in older east coast cities like Philadelphia and New York, but there are also many Victorian, Tudor and Colonial style homes in the Omaha which already include this style of window, so Omaha residents can definitely enjoy the benefits of bow windows.

Choosing bow windows from a quality Omaha window replacement company can also save you money. Modern replacement windows are made from high quality materials and are available in double or triple glazed models to provide additional weatherproofing or soundproofing. You can have the classic look of bow windows without giving up the energy efficiency of modern window technology.

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