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Premier Exteriors customer reviews

Your customers are the greatest asset that you have. Keeping them happy is what Premier Exteriors strives for. We are locally owned and locally operated. we know Omaha and the weather that affects us. Here is what a few of our customers had to say about us, uncut and unedited.

Local Contractor Reviews of Premier Exteriors, Inc.
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Average rating for Premier Exteriors, Inc. is
4.89 stars of 5 stars - based on 173 reviews
Roofing Inspection in Chalco, NE

Premier did not get too far. It was regarding storm damage and when my insurance inspector came out they denied the claim. Premier was nice and professional. I would consider using them again.

Roofing in Omaha, NE

I was somewhat impressed by the site estimator. He was prompt in arrival, and his bid. He played the salesman game that everyone does, calling his boss at the table, etc, and seemed a little cocky in his attitude, so he wasn't any different than any other company. The bid was in the middle of the others, and he was able to get me the shingles I wanted. He was also going to and from the hospital where his mother was, so he was stressed during the entire process, but visited the job site as often as he could. When the crew showed up the first day, I was a bit disappointed to see a truck with another company name. Of course, no one in the construction industry doesn't sub-contract, so no big deal. The first day went very well. The crew tore off the north side roof in a couple hours, and finished that side by the end of the day. Some repair materials that we had discussed never arrived in time, if at all. There seemed to be a communication issue with the company bosses on when some 1x4 and other supplies would get there, so the crew supervisor had to make some snap decisions on how to solve the lack of materials. The second day went much slower, and the job wasn't finished by the end of the day. They were fighting a coming rain, and some light sprinkles came down during work. They were able to cover the roof with tarps before leaving. The rest of the job had to be completed the morning of the third day. Yard cleanup wasn't exactly what I expected. Some personal trash was left, and some nails here and there. I had a wooden rake in the yard that looked similar to one they brought with them, so when they left, they took mine instead of theirs. The siding and gutter work is another matter. One side of the house that needed the most work was done fine. On the other side of the house, a piece of fascia was attached incorrectly, with the seam running the wrong way, with the overlap running under the piece below it instead of over, so I expect some water may run under it. It also appears now that some nails are pulling away and will need to be re-seated next summer. As for the additional gutter on the dormer, it took two weeks to get it done. I was told it was due to high winds. The run was ten feet. After a two week wait, one morning before work, two workmen were at the house to measure the length of the dormer. The man in charge said he had been out several times to measure the run. That day he was going back to the shop for materials to put up the gutter. Something didn't seem right about it, but I dismissed it just to get the job done. It was finished when I got home and looks fine. All in all, things went ok. I finally got a new roof on the house, and it looks good. I'm interested to see how it looks after a year or two, and will need to fix the small mistakes that were left. The man in charge of the job was able to meet me at work to get the final payment. He was kind enough to work around my schedule and meet me in the evening, a pretty far distance from his office, to pick up the final check. I have pretty tough standards, especially when I'm shelling out so much money. I would consider using them again, but I'm not sure if I would, depending on the job. I have yet to find a company that I am completely satisfied with regarding my home repairs, so I am likely to try someone else anyway. This was my first experience with a roofing job, and by all the stories from co-workers and other friends who have done roofing, my experience isn't unusual. Once I find the company I really like, however, I will be a very loyal customer. I looked them up on this website and saw their positive ratings. This was one determining factor in giving them the job.

Description of work:

Since my home is older, a lot of demo work had to be done as part of this job. Asbestos shingles, cedar shakes, needed to be removed before USB, felt, shingles, etc could be laid. After the roofing material, some fascia and soffitt repair was required, in addition to a gutter being put back up on one side, and a new gutter put up on a dormer. The house had no roof venting, so vents were added where space allowed.

Basically, the roof was a complete tear-off due to age and damage, down to the spacer boards. And an entirely new roof put up.

Roof Replacement, Gutters and Downspouts Installation in Omaha, NE

While I felt the price was high for a new roof and gutters, the company did a great job, showed up on time, prompt service, there was one person we spoke with but everyone was very helpful. They consulted with the homeowner on a valley flashing issue and did a great job installing the flashing. They used a large trailer for a dumpster. The roof for the house was completed in one day, the gutters were installed on a separate day with a sub-contractor, and the garage roof was done in one additional day.

Description of work:

Complete roof tear off and replace, single story house in Omaha, with separate garage, new gutters and downspouts.

Roof Valley Replacement, Siding Replacement, Deck Refinishing in Bellevue, NE

Pleased enough with first tasks, to add more tasks. Completed adequately in a reasonable time.

Description of work:

Skylight removal. Roof valley replacement. Siding removal and replacement. Deck refinishing.

New Shingle Roof Installation in Papillion, NE

Excellent job

Description of work:

Remove existing shingles, repair plywood where needed, install new shingle roof

Roofing,windows,siding and gutters in Council Bluffs, IA
This company was my 1st choice hands down! They walk you thru the job step by step and offer great advice. They keep in touch with you and make sure all is ok and that your satisfied with contractors and each job. VERY HONEST AND PROFESSIONAL!!!
Fascia and Soffit Replacement in Lincoln, NE

All went very well

Description of work:

He did fascia and soffit replacement, the work was done fast and very well, was impressed with the speed of the job, and the clean up that followed, will be using Premier again

Roofing in Gretna, US

It worked out just fine. We did some research on Angie's List and they were one of the ones recommended. We had a few companies come out and give estimates and we went with them. They did everything that was expected.

Description of work:

They put a new roof on the house.

Shingles Replacement in Omaha, NE

They came out and gave us what we thought was a reasonable estimate for roofing the upper level of our split level house. They also gave us a discount which made their estimate lower than 2 other companies. they explained exactly what was needed and how they would proceed. They gave us a 2 week time period in which they would do the work. This time period was satisfactory with us and we paid them 1/3 of the balance before they started. They came in one week. They had 8 guys up working on the roof and was able to remove two layers of old shingles, replaced 4 roofing boards, covered the roof with a special rain-leak proof barrier and re-roofed the house with good quality shingles. They also removed the old wind turbin and replaced with a new one. They were completely done and had the yard and work site cleaned up in 3 days. They did not request the rest of the money until the job was completely done and they made sure we were satisfied with the work. One accident happened while they were replacing the boards. They took the old boards off and while they were trying to get the new boards in place to nail down, one of the workers slipped and fell down between the rafters. He put his foot through sheetrook into our bathroom ceiling. They sent a repairman who replaced the sheetrock in the bathroom ceiling, plastered the ceiling and then came back after it was dry and sanded it down and painted our bathroom ceiling for us. He did a good job and you can't even see where the damage was. They did not charge us a penny extra for this work. This company was very good to work with. We will use them again when we replace the roof on our lower level. Also we want to have a deck build later and will call them again for t his work. We were satisfied and would use them again.

Description of work:

They removed the old shingles and several boards and replaced with new on the upper level of our split level home. they also removed the old wind turbin and replaced with a new one.

Roof Repair in Bellevue, NE
We had damage to our Vostile concrete tile roof which had begun leaking into the garage area of our house. We called for an estimate and heard back immediately to schedule our appointment. They arrived and inspected the roof and took the time to explain everything that needed repair in detail. Our roof required special installation and the original roofers did not do the job properly. This eventually led to the damage to the substrate. The job was very tedious and labor intensive removing and re-installing the existing tile, repairing damage, and installing the proper under-layment. Everyone invovled was very courteous and they ensured the job site was cleaned daily. A great deal of additional work was required that wasn't identified in the original estimate and they worked with us to get this done right at a very reasonable cost. Overall our experience was exceptional and we appreciated working with true professionals. We are very pleased with the quality of the finished product and we will recommend them to my family and friends.