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Premier Exteriors customer reviews

Your customers are the greatest asset that you have. Keeping them happy is what Premier Exteriors strives for. We are locally owned and locally operated. we know Omaha and the weather that affects us. Here is what a few of our customers had to say about us, uncut and unedited.

Local Contractor Reviews of Premier Exteriors, Inc.
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Roofing Inspection and Estimate in Omaha, NE

This is a follow-up Review for my second experience with Premier Exteriors. (There was no "edit" function to correct the first one and I told the Owner I would add how they made things right.) The Owner, Jim, called me the day after the earlier bad review and when I returned the call later, he explained what had happened, saying it was not how they wanted their customers treated. He said he wanted to do whatever it would take to make things right, so he scheduled a return visit at our convenience. He arrived promptly, calling me first; he walked the roof and spent time studying it and the larger roof vent and siding for hail damage, agreeing with the earlier assessment that the entire roof was totaled and needed replacement. He offered to take close-up photos of roof damage when he saw me taking photos of other areas I could see. That meant a lot to us since we cannot get up on the roof.

He spent a good amount of time discussing our options including an Impact-Resistant shingle that I was interested in having for our replacement roof although we all agreed that if hailstones are that forceful, smashing car windshields, no roof shingle would hold up against it. He mentioned that insurance companies may offer a 20% discount if homeowners put a better quality roof on because it protects their assets, also. He described laminate shingles first, that are less expensive. He showed us samples of both types of shingles.

What was most helpful and surprising to us was new information that our roof was actually a more inferior type shingle compared to what other neighbors behind us had on their houses, even though our houses were all built at the same time eight years ago. He showed it to us while we stood outside. Hearthstone had evidently cut corners on the roof type, then upgraded other inside features that neighbors did not have, selling the house at a discount to us if we would buy it already finished whereas other homeowners normally choose all features inside and outside for their Hearthstone homes. The contractor wanted to speed its occupancy as a corner lot. Jim said he would never put inferior shingle roofs on anymore.

We told Jim about the situation with other companies' estimates we had tried to get. He said many out-of-town companies were flooding the area which surprised me (we know it is better to have locally-owned companies doing the work.) Earlier, he had said "20,000 to 30,000 roofs were damaged from that hailstorm." Today, he said most of the damage had actually been in our section of the city...Northwest. I told him about a company calling that could be a scam; my husband had heard that scam groups were soliciting customers via phone calls, saying they were "in the neighborhood." He had never heard of the company I mentioned and said he had lived here all his life and knows the local contractors. (We got a repeat phone call from that company this morning and it sounded like a telemarketing approach...noise in the background, different guy with accent instead of young girl at first call.) My point in sharing this additional information is that Jim did an excellent job explaining the overview of what is happening in the area since the storm, including what some insurance companies and some adjusters are doing. He said it was wrong for any insurance company to suggest contractors; we took special note of that since our company had mentioned scheduled and never showed up or called, also ignoring my husband's follow-up call. The second company never called us to schedule, came unannounced the same day they heard the request (via insurance company telling my husband a second referral name), never knocked or telephoned that they were here, stayed a long time in our driveway when done, then left, never heard from after a week.

The next step is for us to try and get our insurance company to send an adjuster out, get his estimate, then send it to Jim who will compare his formulation against what the insurance company has estimated for "recoverable." Jim said he uses the same software (?) model that the insurance adjusters use to price estimates. He explained to us in response to my question that the insurance company will not issue us a check to pay Jim's company until the roofing and siding work is done.

So, at this point, we are pleased with the progress and that we have resolved the initial problems without any tension. I think that meant the most to me from a resolution perspective. Jim has been very gracious and very professional, answering all questions, also giving up time on a weekend when they do not usually work. He had told me earlier that people calling in have been most impatient, demanding repairs the next day! He needs everyone to be patient. I would never have expected such fast service after so many thousands of roofs had been damaged in the city.

I will submit another review when the work is actually finished. I did note information from another person's review on this site that a sub-contractor was hired for part of another home's that is something I need to discuss with Jim. Who will actually be doing the roofing and siding work here? Since this is a Hearthstone home with the American Building Supply company now out of business who provided our siding, etc., there is also the issue of matching siding. Jim thought he could find it through a Kansas City company.

Shingles Replacement in Springfield, NE
Good experience with this contractor. I have and would recommend them to others.
Tore off old shingle and rubber membrane roofs and replaces with new of same. Prompt, hard working, and good two-way communication. No surprises; they did what they said they would do for the price quoted. Only a few minor problems. These were quickly fixed. Results: Everything looks good and works properly.
Roof and Gutters Replacement, Siding Repair in Omaha, NE
Another outstanding job by Premier Exteriors. I used them about four years ago to put on new siding and windows and was pleased with their work then. This time I had extensive hail damage -- roof, gutters, siding and metal work -- and they handled the repairs. The work and products are high quality. And Jim's crews are always pleasant and professional and clean up the site well when the work is done. I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so. And I'd use them again myself should the need arise.
Roofing in Omaha, NE
I was very impressed by Jim and Greg and the whole crew they were very professional with follow ups and making sure I was satisfied, I will never use any other company and I already have refered a couple friends as well as my own apartment complex to Premier Exteriors. There may be a few less than worthy reviews on here but I think you should experience great workman ship for yourself with their free no obligation estimates, then go from there. You will be happy, I know I am.
New Roof and Gutters in Omaha, NE
A hail storm recently hit Omaha. Premier was recommended to my husband and me by a coworker. It was a great experience. The bidding process and, most importantly, the work itself was handled efficiently and professionally. The work crew was polite, and they cleaned up once the job was done. Premier also helped us work out the estimate with our insurance company, which we appreciated. Our new roof looks really great. Our neighbors were impressed with how fast the work was completed, and they like the new color of our roof.
New Roof and Shingles in Ralston, NE
The work had to be done right before deadline and they got it done. They were petty cheaper and did a nice job. They have a follow up that they had to do but it was a minor thing.
Gutters Installation in La Vista, NE
The Guys at Premier Exteriors did my Gutters great work and done in a timely manner
Roofing in Elkhorn, NE
The guys at Premier were very helpful and answered all of my questions, when I had trouble with the roof after it was repaired they were out to fix it with in the next day or two. I had my siding done by another company (i will not name names for the sake of being positive) and have had nothing but problems with it I wish I would of used Premier to do my siding as well.
Roof and Gutters Installation in Omaha, NE

Overall very good service.

Crews showed up on time and were quick in their work.

Issues were primarily related to delays in supplies and not keeping customer informed of status of work.

Roofers ran out of material at end of first day and supplies showed up in afternoon of second day (Friday) but crew was not available.

Roofers showed up on Monday morning but left without doing any work or explaining why.

Different crew arrived two days later and continued the job but again ran out of material.

Two days later crew showed up and completed the job.

No issue with gutter installation. It was quick and efficient.

Company was quick to respond to calls regarding the issue.

Roofing and Garage Beam Repair in Omaha, NE

Jim explained what they would do and when the crew arrived, they completed the work with little disruption. Tear off was careful to get all waste in the trailer and where not possible, they laid tarps down to make clean up easier. When tearing off the shingles they realized they needed decking which was not originally ordered. They took pictures to provide to the insurance and rushed to get the decking. They started at 2:p.m worked through until dark and if they had not ran out of shingles in our color they would have finished that night.

It was not only our house they were doing, the crew was large enough to do both ours and the neighbors who had the same contractor.

We were amazed to find that they had spray painted our furnace stacks the same color as our shingles. they arrived back the next day and finished our shingles and did final clean up. Crew was very polite and worked extremely fast and efficient. other than the unexpected need for decking which we were told was needed to be up to code, everything went as we were told and even better than expected.