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The main reason to ensure your roof doesn't have any leaks is to ensure all your property and contents in your home are secure and dry. A roof provides shelter. Typically a new roof costs about $5-7k, not a lot considering all that goes into the job. The factors that make up a replacement roof cost are:

  • How many square foot your roof is
  • How steep the roof is (time and material)
  • Type of application you will use
  • Material quality
  • Amount of layers that need removal before new roof can be installed
  • variables such as flashing, chimneys, gutters, etc.

At Premier Exteriors we don't take any short cuts - we only do the job if we can do it right.

New Roof Installation vs. Repair

CertainTeed Roof

Just because your roof springs a leak doesn't mean you need a new roof. A typical small area that needs repair costs as little as $400 depending on the issue. If you have regular or multiple leaks then it's time to think about a replacement roof.

Here is when you should consider a new roof:

  1. If the roof is 20 to 25 years old. This is the maximum expected life of a shingle.
  2. Lot's of problems and leaks.
  3. Thinking of selling and the roof looks bad or worn out.

Here is a visualizer that you can plan how a new roof will look and make a wide variety of color choices, shingle patter options and house colors.

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