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Premier Siding Experts in Papillion, NE

Premier Siding Experts in Papillion, NE

When you new designer siding, turn to the experts here at Premier Exteriors. We are a local, certified company in the Papillion, NE area that bring vinyl siding to a completely different level. With an A+ rating on BBB, and a high customer approval rating on Home Advisor, and you can trust in our quality assurance and care.

Designs by our trusted brands give residents a vast amount of selections to choose from in endless color choices. With our company, we've removed the competitive struggle between knowing which brands to use and whether or not they are reliable. We have done the research and can now assist homeowners in skipping this step entirely, by trusting our experts- not the brand.

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Considering All Your Options

As a homeowner, you want to figure out every aspect of your vinyl siding project. In many cases an ongoing 'investigation' is started where families will sift through every website, brochure, and contractor in the market to find something that fits. Especially with something that's equally creative as it is permanent, you're sure to make the right decision.

With Premier Exteriors we consider all your options and walk you through the many concepts and aspects of home improvement- in this case, your exterior siding. Sitting down with a professional contractor is your best step in the right direction; which we are here to provide for free. No obligations, pressure, or hidden agendas.

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Traditional Lap Siding

In modern days, lap siding has become a traditional type of vinyl panels for your home's exterior. Horizontal by nature, it's what people expect when they look at a home. However, latest technology by James Hardie® and Mastic Home Exteriors® have given us different options in textures- each creating a unique appeal.

Verticle Vinyl Siding

Not as common or popular, vertical siding has it's benefit of being completely different. Obviously, the directional layout has changed and for some this may be a key factor for selecting this type. Whether you're looking for the entire exterior replacement or wish to have this in combination with traditional, it's sure to stand out from the crowd.

Shakes and Shingles

Have you ever seen a home that has purposefully uneven squares surrounding their home? That's what we call shakes and shingles. Maybe you have already heard of the concept, or this is your first time recognizing the style. Either the case we have a wide selection of these siding designs with various texture and color choices.

What Are The Benefits?

Shakes and shingles are 'traditional' and slowly becoming a modern trend. The only benefit is the beautiful flare it gives your home. When choosing a different siding, homeowners sometimes look for something that makes them more unique than the 'cookie cutter'- and with shakes and shingles you can't go wrong.

Insulated Siding: What Homeowners Should Know

In our expertise, getting insulated siding is completely up to the homeowner. The information we provide, and what homeowners should know, is that insulation comes in all forms. If you're looking for energy efficiency, high R-value siding is a great start. However, other factors can be taken into account of whether or not you actually need insulated siding. If you're home is already well insulated this may not be the best choice (although it does increase better energy efficiency). If you're just starting to look into 'going green' we can show you some good selections to choose from.

Our professional approach is to show you the way and not force anything you don't need. While it's recommended to have effective siding in all cases we will assist you in giving quality feedback during the consultation so that you, as the homeowner, know what's best for your family.

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